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The Thousand Faces of Dunjia
Opening Date : 15 December 2017
Cast : Aarif Lee, Zhou Dong-Yu, Dong Cheng-Peng (Da Peng), Ni Ni
Director : Yuen Woo-Ping
Language : Mandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Action / Fantasy / Martial Arts
Runtime : 113 mins
Rating : PG (Some Violence)
During the Northern Song Dynasty, Dao – a young and capable fighter – travels to the capitol in hopes of becoming a constable. However, he accidentally stumbles upon an underground society called the Wuyinmen, each member with a supernatural ability. One day, Wuyinmen member Zhuge returns with Yuan, a mysterious young girl. However, she brings not only just hope, but also trouble and panic. She can transform into a human-monster hybrid at any time, which can lead to a major catastrophe.
Meanwhile, a terrifying creature has been hiding in our world, waiting for its chance to destroy mankind. Will the extraordinary warriors of the Wuyinmen fight back and take down the creature together?